Case Study: Automated Lens Generating with the PRO 80 GTS and Robotic Machine Tending

Quality Aspirators Case Study

Quality Aspirators Company Profile

Automated Lens Generating at Quality Aspirators

PRO 80 GTS with robotic machine tending at Quality Aspirators

Quality Aspirators has been in business since 1976, serving the dental community with aspirators, lighting, valves, tubing, brushes, and various dental supplies. In 1999, Quality Aspirators started a subsidiary called Q-Optics, supplying dentists and doctors with high quality loupes that set the standard for ergonomic comfort. Loupes from Q-Optics ease the strain of seeing teeth by not having to bend over to get a better look. All their quality products are manufactured in the USA at the company’s facility located near the Dallas, Texas area.

Business Situation

In 2019, Keith Wiley, President of Quality Aspirators, decided to get more control of the optics used in Q-Optics loupes by bringing manufacturing of these lenses back to the USA. As an FDA registered manufacturing company that is ISO 13485 certified as well as CE certified, Quality Aspirators is dedicated to quality and would need a reliable solution to produce superior optics efficiently.

Solution: PRO 80 GTS CNC lens generator and robotic machine tending

When purchasing machines to generate the larger lenses, Keith chose the PRO 80 GTS from OptiPro. The PRO 80 GTS is a computer numerically controlled (CNC) optical lens generator for rapid prototyping to high volume production of spherical and aspheric optics up to 80mm in diameter.

Keith also wanted automation to give his skilled opticians the capability to use their talents to run more machines. Robotic machine tending is just one of the automation solutions offered by OptiPro and was an ideal add-on for the PRO 80 GTS. Robotic machine tending performs automated pick-and-place of optics from a pallet as well as part loading of blanks and unloading of finished optics.

OptiPro worked with Quality Aspirators to design and manufacture the pallets for the lenses. In addition, prior to shipping and installation, OptiPro demonstrated the turnkey solution at their facility to the Quality Aspirators team by running samples of their lenses.

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John Taylor, Optical Specialist at Quality Aspirators, states:

“After some discussion and hard work on OptiPro’s side, the down time of the machine from door open to door close was under 12 seconds, allowing Quality Aspirators to generate over 200 pieces in an 8 hour shift. By partnering with OptiPro, we are able to keep up with the demand of our loupes so that dentists have the tools that they need to help us all keep our teeth.”

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