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See the latest optical manufacturing technology that gives your company a competitive edge

OptiPro will be exhibiting in booth 820 at SPIE Optifab (October 19 – 21, 2021 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center in Rochester, NY). Experience the latest technology that is reshaping the precision optics industry. Our 30′ x 30′ exhibit space will showcase six different manufacturing and metrology solutions engineered to help companies become more productive than ever before. See live demonstrations that focus on a variety of machining and measuring applications, from spherical and aspheric lenses to freeform optics.


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Machines and Metrology Solutions


Technical Presentations


Touchscreen Kiosks

Spherical grinding on the PRO 160 GTS


See the PRO 160 GTS rough and fine grind spherical optics.

CNC high speed polishing on the PRO 160P+

PRO 160P+ high speed polisher

See the PRO 160P+ polish a meniscus lens to angstrom-level quality.

Asphere polishing on the PRO 80 UFF


See the PRO 80 UFF polish a 50mm convex asphere out of optical glass.


How to Efficiently Manufacture an Asphere


Freeform optics grinding on the OptiSonic 550X

OptiSonic 550X ultrasonic machining center

See the OptiSonic 550X fine grind an ellipsoid surface out of optical glass, driven by PROSurf CAM software.

Freeform optics polishing on the UFF 300

2018 UFF 300

See the UFF 300 polish an ellipsoid surface out of optical glass, driven by PROSurf CAM software.

Non-contact metrology of freeform optics on the UltraSurf 5X 400

UltraSurf 5X 400

See the UltraSurf 5X 400 scan and measure an ellipsoid surface, an asphere, and a cylinder using a chromatic confocal pen.


How to Efficiently Manufacture Freeform Optics


Touchscreen Kiosks to Try Out Optical Production Software


Experience the ease-of use of G Series lens grinding software and see how simple and efficient the lens grinding process can be.

P Series Software

Test drive P Series high speed polishing software and see how it makes the process of spherical optics polishing faster and easier.

U Series Software

Try out U Series polishing software to see how its user friendly GUI guides the operator through all aspects of asphere polishing.

C Series Job Setup

Test out C Series optical centering software and see how its user-friendly look and feel takes the operator through clear and concise steps to setup a centering job such as edging, beveling, filleting, sag cuts, and step cuts.

Technical Presentations: Tuesday, October 19th and Thursday, October 21st

Title: Freeform Non-Contact Surface Metrology with UltraSurf

Presenter/Author: Scott DeFisher, OptiPro Systems, LLC

19 October 2021 • 1:00 PM – 1:20 PM EDT

Abstract: Freeform optics are gaining popularity and the industry is adapting to meet the challenges. Metrology systems must now be able to handle large spherical departures, curvature inflections, vertical or steep datum features, and varying surface texture. The UltraSurf was created to address many of these challenges. It is capable of scanning standard aspheric optical shapes as well as freeform optics and associated datum structures. UltraSurf was designed from the ground up to have flexible software that can enable a user to input these complex freeform surfaces and address the upcoming challenges. Examples of freeform and steep complex surface metrology will be presented along with how the UltraSurf can streamline the process.

Title: Challenges and Best Practices for Manufacturing Freeforms

Presenter/Author: Frank Wolfs, OptiPro Systems, LLC

19 October 2021 • 1:20 PM – 1:40 PM EDT

Abstract: Freeform optical systems are becoming more prevalent as more designers begin to understand their benefits. These freeform shapes also can present new challenges in manufacturing that are not present in rotationally symmetric optics. The complexity of the shape and tightening surface form tolerances result in the need for new manufacturing techniques. Specific areas with new challenges include datum structure choices, fixture designs, and metrology data handling. This paper will present the challenges of manufacturing freeform optics and the best practices for design, manufacturing, and measurement to ensure success.

Title: Freeform Manufacturing with PROSurf

Presenter/Author: Frank Wolfs, OptiPro Systems, LLC

19 October 2021 • 2:20 PM – 2:40 PM EDT

Abstract: Freeform optics are becoming prevalent in the optics industry as designers recognize their ability to expand system capability while reducing the number of optics required and its package size. While the same machine can be used for manufacturing rotationally symmetric and freeform optics, new software capabilities need to be created for these complex geometries. Traditional computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software has similar workflow to what is required, but often lacks critical features required for optics, including metrology driven form error corrections. To fill this gap, OptiPro has developed PROSurf, a CAM package designed specifically with manufacturing freeform optics in mind.

Title: Applications of Automation in Optical Manufacturing Process Chain: Grinding, Polishing, and Metrology

Presenter/Author: Mitch Sedore, OptiPro Systems, LLC

19 October 2021 • 4:50 PM – 5:10 PM EDT

Abstract: With labor shortages and difficulty in getting experienced technicians, automation can increase production and efficiency with less labor required. A robot can perform the repetitive tasks that can lead to worker burnout and free technicians up to perform more demanding tasks. Additionally, automation can reduce time between parts and run lights out, leading to increased machine time up, part quantity generated, and profitability. This presentation will showcase OptiPro’s Pro-loader, an “off the shelf” automation solution as well as custom automation solution.

Title: Ultrasonic with Rotating Tool Center Point and Kinematics

Presenter/Author: Mike Cahill, OptiPro Systems, LLC

21 October 2021 • 9:40 AM – 10:00 AM EDT

Abstract: Glass or hard ceramic optical materials with complex geometries and difficult to machine features can present significant challenges in manufacturing. To aid in processing these materials, OptiPro has developed OptiSonic, an ultrasonic assisted machining center, which automatically adjusts the active tool frequency to maintain optimal performance while in contact with the part. When combined with rotating tool center point (RTCP) and kinematics, a full 5-Axis simultaneous motion for machining complex geometries in difficult to machine components. Thru rigorous testing, OptiSonic has proven to reduce forces and increase tool life, while decreasing machining time and costs.

If you have a challenge that you would like solved, or just want to enhance your optical manufacturing and metrology processes, we encourage you to set up a one-on-one meeting in OptiPro's in-booth conference room.