Nakamura-Tome’s New SC-100X2

Founded in 1949, Nakamura-Tome has been focused on turning machines since the beginning. With over 20 configurations, they have positioned themselves as a leader within the machine tool industry. A few days ago, Shogo Nakamura, COO and President, announced a new machine to the world, SC100-X^2.

If you haven’t heard about it, check out the trailer below.

This machine has been in the works since Shogo had seen a double spindle machine. While the technology fascinated him, many customers expressed that the programming on such a machine is very difficult. The team at Nakamura-Tome worked on programming and the software for the machine so now with one button, you can superimpose programming that allows simultaneous cutting with one turret.

The machining capabilities that can be accomplished with this machine outshine a single turret machine. Proven to be faster than a single turret and almost as fast as a double turret WT-100 machine. In comparison to a lathe which can hold anywhere from 24-30 tools, the SC100-X^2 can hold 33 tools. With the upper turret you are also able to configure it to hold 24 turning tools! View the full breakdown of what makes this machine so fast below.