Efficient Beveling Machine

Bevel PRO

Bevel PRO is a safe, efficient and precise solution for applying bevels to optics. Protective bevels are often necessary to prevent optics from chips or fractures while being handled during the fabrication process or during assembly. Precise bevels with specified tolerances are required when the bevel is functioning as a precision mounting or sealing surface in an assembly. In either case, Bevel PRO allows operators to quickly and easily produce bevels on a variety of optical components.

Features and benefits of the Bevel PRO include:

  • Highly efficient - Setup takes minutes, then Bevel PRO is ready to quickly and precisely apply bevels on prototype or high volume jobs with repeatability
  • Easy to operate - Loading parts, producing bevels, and unloading parts is simple and fast
  • Much safer than traditional methods - hands never come in contact with the tool or part during processing

With Bevel PRO, you can maximize efficiency, and your bottom line, by streamlining the task of beveling.

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