G Series Lens Grinding Software

G-Series-Home-ScreenOptiPro Systems’ lens grinding software, G Series, is designed to make precision optics fabrication simple and efficient. Whether grinding aspheres or spheres, edging or beveling, the G Series interface uses a powerful and easy to use graphical user interface that guide the user through all aspects of lens generation, from initial setup and corrections through full production.


Process-Based Job Structure

Every lens surface has its own job, and in that job is a series of processes that are created to grind the optic to the correct shape. All process within a given job are laid out in a “process tree,” with each process looking to the previous process. This allows the software to keep track of the parts geometry. The process tree progression also allows multiple processes within the same lens to be chained together and run in series. The ability to automatically run multiple processes in a row frees the operator’s time and makes it possible for them to run multiple machines simultaneously.


The correction screens have easy-to-follow images for applying corrections to center thickness, radius, diameter, nibs, and aspheric form. Correction screens allow for quick and easy changes to keep the desired part geometry throughout the production run.

Tool Library

The tool library allows for the cataloging of all tools that will be used in the machine. This feature makes setups faster by eliminating the need to re-enter tool information for each job.

Process Calculators

Calculators for deriving sag, diameter, and radius are built into the software, eliminating the need for offline calculations.

Settings Page

A password-protected settings page allows supervisors to control certain machine parameters to help prevent human error during lens generation.

G Series Lens Grinding Software is available on the PRO 80 GTS, PRO 160 GTS, eSX 150eSX 300eSX 400, SXL 500, and PZX optical grinding platforms.