Set Up and Measure Freeform Optics Fast

Enhance your freeform optics measuring capabilities with the UltraSurf 5X 400 high precision 5-axis non-contact metrology system. Driven by a powerful and user-friendly software interface, set up is accomplished in three easy steps. In addition, UltraSurf software optimizes data acquisition while scanning optical surfaces for fast and precise measurements. Once measurement data is collected, there are several options to tailor the data depending on the job requirements.

UltraSurf Software: Three-Step Setup Process

The faster you start measuring freeform parts, the sooner you can ship them to your customers. User-friendly UltraSurf Software features a modernized graphical user interface that enables a streamlined three-step set up process:

UltraSurf Software - CAD Model

CAD Model – one of several options to define freeform optical surface

Step One: Define the job – This includes surface definition and determining probe and measurement settings. The operator can choose from a variety of options to define the freeform surface (import a CAD model, point cloud or custom equation). The type of material and surface finish of the freeform optic will determine the ideal optical probe for measurement. UltraSurf Software allows the user to save optical probe settings, making it easy to select the right probe for future setups. Depending on the type of freeform, the operator can choose from different measurement patterns (raster, spiral, profile) and resolutions.

Step Two: Align the Part – On-machine alignment allows the operator can quickly and easily align the part to create a measurement toolpath. This is achieved by measuring datums (specific features on the part) with the non-contact probe. The datum measurements, along with the surface definition from step one, generates an accurate measurement toolpath.

Step Three: Measurement and Data Analysis – Once the measurement data is collected, the operator has several options to tailor the data depending on the nature of the freeform optic. This includes Filtering, Fitting, Masking/Point Removal, Thresholding, Interpolation, and Zernike Removal. Data can be exported for in-process grinding or polishing corrections to the surface, or for reporting final metrology.

UltraSurf 5X 400UltraSurf 5X 400: Engineered for Precision and Repeatability

UltraSurf 5X 400 is meticulously engineered and built with only the finest components to ensure optimal precision and repeatability:

  • Rock-solid granite base to ensure stability and accurate measurements
  • 5-axis air bearing system
  • Linear motors
  • Brushless DC rotary motors
  • High resolution feedback
  • Environmental enclosure reduces error from outside elements

Trust the accuracy of the UltraSurf 5X 400 to meet your freeform optic requirements.


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