Customer Spotlight: Esco Optics

On August 10th, 2014, a fire broke out at Esco Optics main facility in Oak Ridge, NJ, causing significant damage. Many companies in the optics industry have provided a helping hand to ensure that Esco Optics bounces back from this unfortunate event.

Damage to some of Esco’s high tech optical fabrication equipment was among the losses incurred from the fire. To ensure that their manufacturing capabilities and capacities are as impressive as ever, Esco worked with OptiPro to implement the latest CNC optical grinding, polishing, and metrology solutions.

To help get their shop back up and running quickly, OptiPro provided the following equipment with expedited lead times:

As Esco Optics nears a full recovery, the investment of five optical fabrication solutions from OptiPro illustrates Esco’s relentless commitment to be a leading manufacturer of precision optics.

“The purchase of the OptiPro equipment allows Esco to refine our processes while increasing our throughput capacity as well. The addition of the OptiTrace 5000 contact profilometer to the package will allow us to enhance the confidence of our customers by providing state-of-the-art metrology,” said Lee Steneken, President of Esco Optics.

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