SPIE Optics+Photonics Digital Forum Preview

2020 SPIE Optics+Photonics Digital Forum

The Optics+Photonics Digital Forum is a no-charge event that will run August 24-28, 2020. Learn the latest through live presentations and on-demand technical talks, collaborate with exhibiting companies, and enjoy connecting with colleagues through online networking events.

The Optics + Photonics 2020 Digital Forum Exhibition offers various ways to connect with top suppliers showcasing the newest products, innovations, and the latest technologies. As an exhibiting company, OptiPro will be presenting a pre-recorded demonstration titled “Increase Optics Production with User-Friendly Robot Automation.” Justin Arrajj, Process Technician at OptiPro Systems, will go over the process of setting up a fully automated optical grinding job that consists of robotic loading an optical blank and unloading a fine ground convex spherical optic.

Product Demo: Increase Optics Production with User-Friendly Robot Automation

Optical Grinding Automation Demo

Justin Arrajj, Process Technician at OptiPro, will present a pre-recorded demonstration on how to set up a fully automated optical grinding process.

Watch the simple process of setting up and programming a fully automated optical grinding process. Using remote automation software that communicates with OptiPro’s G Series lens grinding software, the collaborative robot (cobot) arm will automatically pick up a blank from the part tray and load it into the self-clamping chuck. The PRO 160 GTS optical grinding machine will subsequently perform rough and fine grinding of a convex spherical surface. The machine will then perform in-situ probing of the surface before the cobot consecutively unloads the ground part and loads a new blank using dual grippers. The cobot will then place the ground part into the part tray and pick up a new lens for the next grinding cycle. By supplementing your workforce with robot automation, you can increase throughput, lower operating costs and enhance your bottom line, all while freeing your technicians from doing repetitive tasks so they can focus on more challenging responsibilities that are more valuable to your company’s future success.

To view this product demo from OptiPro, make sure to register for the Optics + Photonics Digital Forum Exhibition.



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