OptiPro Introduces Machining Technology Designed for Prism Manufacturing

Driven by easy-to-use prism grinding software, the PZX features five-axis CNC motion and dual spindles for rough and fine grinding of all prism surfaces in one cycle.

Ontario, NY – OptiPro Systems, LLC (www.optipro.com), a world leader in precision optics manufacturing equipment, has developed the PZX prism grinding machine, ideal for companies looking to add efficiency to their prism manufacturing process. The PZX is capable of processing prisms up to 6” thick with a maximum surface diagonal of 10”. 
Inspired by customer feedback, the PZX encompasses many features that make prism machining easier and more efficient. The machine is powered by G Series, OptiPro’s user-friendly grinding software, which allows operators to quickly set up jobs to generate all prisms surfaces in one cycle. Users have the flexibility to input a variety of parameters when setting up a job, such as specifying the angle and material removal for each surface. 
Five axes of computer-numerically controlled (CNC) motion, including a B-axis with -90 to 180 degrees of motion, make it possible to machine compound angles when utilizing Mastercam computer-aided manufacturing software. The PZX also features dual spindles that can be equipped with rough and fine grinding tools. After the rough grinding operation is complete, the dual spindle head rotates 180 degrees along the B-axis, allowing the machine to seamlessly transition into fine grinding. Manually changing tools after rough grinding is no longer necessary with the PZX. 
“The PZX is designed to increase efficiency across the entire prism grinding process,” said Mike Bechtold, President of OptiPro. “Clear and simple inputs in our G Series software make setting up prism jobs easy, five-axis motion and dual spindles allow you to completely machine a prism in one cycle, and on-board tool and workpiece probing make it convenient to perform in-process prism corrections.” 
The PZX is one in a series of flexible CNC optical grinding machines offered by OptiPro. Each machine is designed and manufactured by a team of experienced engineers and technicians at the company’s 40,000 square foot facility in Ontario, NY. Every machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure customer satisfaction after the sale. 

About OptiPro:

OptiPro Systems is the only American company that designs and builds CNC optical grinding, high speed spherical polishing, sub-aperture polishing, and metrology equipment. OptiPro was founded in 1982 on the principles of sales integrity combined with unprecedented service and support. Maintaining this business model allowed the company to become a world leader in providing innovative manufacturing and metrology solutions for the precision optics and advanced ceramics industries.


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