Manufacturing Made Easy for Spherical Optics

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Experience next-level productivity with the complete suite of solutions for spherical optics manufacturing and metrology. The PRO Series twin spindle grinders (PRO 80 GTSPRO 160 GTS), high speed polishers (PRO 80PPRO 160P) and centering machine (PRO 160C) coupled with OptiPro’s Toolbox software can help optical manufacturers achieve efficient setups and cycle times. In addition, the PRO Tower vertical interferometer features a stable granite core, allowing companies to take precision measurements directly on the shop floor.

The Complete Suite of Spherical Optics Manufacturing Solutions

PRO Series Optical Production Equipment

Rock-solid platform: Granite center core ensures ultimate precision and consistent part-to-part accuracy

User friendly GUI: Allows for quick setups and makes training new operators simple and fast

Small space requirement: All peripheral equipment is contained within a 40″ by 60″ footprint for PRO 80’s, 55″ by 68″ for PRO 160’s

PRO Tower Vertical Interferometer

Shop floor convenience: Very stable platform with large lab-grade granite core for operating on shop floor

Easy to operate: Programmable servo positioning of the Z-axis, plus a powerfully simple GUI

Highly accurate configuration: Vertical interferometry allows optic to be measured in a relaxed state

Toolbox online tooling designer

Save time: After a few simple inputs, software quickly generates polishing tool packages and centering bells

Reliability: Active warnings will display if input geometries would cause errors in rules for generating parts

Flexibility: Request a quote for tooling from OptiPro or download the prints for in-house production

From shallow curves to full hemispheres, 5mm to 160mm in diameter, the PRO Series can help your company optimize manufacturing efficiency for precision spherical optics. Depending on geometry, you can even produce lenses as small as 1mm and larger than 160mm.

Start making optics faster on the PRO Series by streamlining the task of designing spherical tools and centering bells with Toolbox software.

Make sure your optics measure up to your customers’ standards with the PRO Tower vertical interferometer.

Contact OptiPro to schedule a demo or request a time study for your application and find out how the PRO Series, PRO Tower, and Toolbox software can add significant value to your bottom line.