Customer Spotlight: Janos Technology

Janos Technology and the eSX 125 Twin CNC Optical GeneratorJanos Technology, located in Keene, NH, specializes in the cost effective manufacture of Mid Wave and Long Wave Infrared Optics. Janos Tech offers a line of standard lenses to facilitate concept development and scientific research. The company also designs custom lenses for specific volume applications, sourcing materials on a global basis and manufacturing using the latest lean techniques.

One of these techniques involves the utilization of a machine Janos Tech purchased back in 2003, OptiPro’s eSX 125 Twin. Janos uses the eSX 125 Twin to grind IR materials such as silicon, germanium, and chalcogenide. To this day, the machine still performs as good as the day it was first installed.

“We took delivery of our first OptiPro grinding machine, the eSX 125 Twin, in 2003. To this day, our ‘OptiPro’ continues to be the work horse of our fleet. The user friendly CNC front end and robust platform translates to quick set-ups and process stability,” says Joe Botelho, Process Engineer at Janos Tech. He goes on to say: “Above and beyond the machine performance, OptiPro provides unparalleled customer service and application support. It is apparent that OptiPro is staffed with engineers having years of experience in their field. The response is fast, knowledgeable and friendly. Any parts we may need are in stock and available for delivery.”

Botelho also appreciates that OptiPro continues to stay ahead of the technological curve: “I am excited to see that OptiPro is developing new products based on the changing manufacturing demands. The small footprint, PRO 80 series for grinding, high speed polishing, sub-aperture finishing and vertical interferometry is an excellent example. In my estimation, OptiPro has established itself as a company committed to providing state of the art optical fabrication machines.”

Janos Technology, LLC. is a world leader in advanced infrared optical components and assemblies. Combining opto-mechanical design, automated equipment in fabrication and coating, and extensive metrology capabilities, Janos provides high performance optical solutions across a broad IR spectrum. Janos Technology recently launched a new website. Check it out by going to