BODOR Laser – Dream Series

BODOR launched a new product called the Dream Series which has already garnered international attention along with winning an iF Award for product design.

Capable of power up to 40kW, this high-powered fiber laser is built with stability and precision. What makes this machine unique are a few of the following features:

  • Maglev Linear Motor: Allows for raster response time, little to no mechanical friction, shorter processing time and increased efficiency
  • Marble Machine Bed: Due to the stability of a marble base, you won’t have to worry about thermal distortion or vibrations affecting the cutting process and the machine’s precision
  • Carbon Fiber Crossbeam: In comparison with aluminum alloy, the crossbeam is already 2/3 less dense but 21x stronger tensile strength. This allows for an improved dynamic performance each time.
  • Intelligent Overheating Adaptation: The automatic function allows the machine to refocus and adjust the gas pressure so the machines’ stability to cut thick plates is not disturbed.
  • Automatic Nozzle Changer: 50% of time is saved with the automatic nozzle changer with change-0ver speed as fast as 35 seconds!

With growing demand for automation cells, BODOR Dream Series integrates with custom automation solutions so your shop is always running.

Interested in learning more about the BODOR Fiber Laser Line? Our sales team is more than happy to work with you and set up a demo to see our laser machine in action!

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