CNC Optical Centering Machines

Efficient centering of precision optics can noticeably increase your bottom line. Watch parts go out the door faster with the exceptional precision, production, and repeatability of the PRO 160C CNC optical centering machine. Save time and money with fast job setups, optimal cycle times, and quick turnaround times. Make life easy with state-of-the-art motion control components and positioning systems. Never sacrifice quality by using the PRO 160C. Accomplish fast and precise centering of spheres and aspheres. Perform truncations, facets, steps, bevels, tapers, or freeform edge shaping. Whether your job requires precise centering of glass, ceramics, or IR materials for lens sizes up to 160 mm, the advanced capabilities of the PRO 160C will help your company prosper.

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PRO 160C Precision Optics Centering Machine

Precision Optics Centering Machine: Up to 160 mm Optics

The PRO 160C CNC precision optics centering machine is capable of high precision centering of spheres and aspheres up to 160 mm in diameter. Non-circular lens shapes (truncations), facets, steps, bevels, tapers and freeform edge shaping can also be performed on the PRO 160C.

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