Entry-level Ultrasonic Machining Centers with 500mm of x-axis travel

OptiSonic 500 Series

The OptiSonic 500 Series entry-level ultrasonic machining centers combine the quality and precision of OptiPro's optical grinding machines with the latest Ultrasonic technology for efficient processing of optical glass and ceramic materials. The 500 Series, which includes four different platform configurations, utilizes Ultrasonic vibration during the machining cycle to accomplish rapid material removal, improved surface quality, and maximized tool life when processing soft optical glass such as BK7 and Zerodur or difficult-to-machine hard ceramics including PCA and sapphire.

Multiple advanced features and capabilities of the OptiSonic 500 Series allow manufacturing companies to achieve unprecedented machining efficiency:

  • Better grinding: Stiff, heavy meehanite machine base to provide vibration dampening + spindle construction with high quality ceramic bearings
  • Faster cycle times: State-of-the-art ultrasonic technology allows for faster speeds and feeds than competitive platforms
  • Extensive part diameter range: Large work envelope to accommodate part sizes up to 475mm x 375mm
  • Multiple axis configurations available: Choose from 3 axes (OptiSonic 530), 4 axes (OptiSonic 540), or 5 axes (OptiSonic 550) depending on your application requirements
  • Full 5-axis machining (optional): Available with G Series (OptiSonic 550X) for fast setups when grinding spheres and aspheres, as well as CAM driven milling, cutting, and contouring of off-axis, non-rotationally symmetric parts such as aspheric cylinders and freeforms
  • Predictable results: Proprietary IntelliSonic software automatically adjusts ultrasonic frequency during cycle, ensuring ultrasonic efficiency stays constant
  • Process consistency: Liquid cooled spindles
  • Better process control: Direct drive spindles
  • More cutting power: Integral high torque spindle motor
  • High accuracy tool and work spindles: HSK 63 quick-change holders with heat shrink system ensures tools run true
  • Tooling flexibility: Accommodates a wide variety of tools
  • Streamlined manufacturing: Different automatic tool changer configurations available allows multiple grinding operations in one cycle
  • Coolant-through spindle standard
  • Optional tool and workpiece probing, including laser tool probe

Whether your application involves 3-axis operations (lightweighting, pocketing, core drilling, small hole manufacturing, rastering, deep drilling, etc.) or more complex geometries that require 4 or 5 axes, you can maximize throughput and quality of glass and ceramic components. Revolutionize your company's machining capabilities with the OptiSonic 500 Series.


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