Special Financing for 2019: Buy Now, Pay Later & Save On Taxes

2019 Special Financing ProgramThere are many benefits of investing in manufacturing or metrology equipment in 2019 – beyond enhancing your capability to increase throughput and quality of optics and ceramics. You can also take advantage of tax savings with Section 179 (more on this economic incentive below).

Depending on your situation, financing may be the best option when purchasing a machine. OptiPro has teamed up with Manufacturers Financing Services (MFS) to offer a special program for companies interested in financing their 2019 purchase of manufacturing or metrology equipment:

Enhanced Financing for 2019:

tax savings

Potential Tax Savings

Apply Section 179 to 2019 purchase.

90 day
payment deferral

90 Day Payment Deferral

Three months of profit before the first payment.

Fast approvals
up to $500,000

Fast approvals up to $500,000

Credit application only. No need for financial statement review.

Potential Tax Savings

The Section 179 tax deduction allows companies to write off up to $1,000,000 of equipment if total acquisitions are less than $2,500,000. Equipment which is new to a company (for example, buying a new or used machine), can be expensed under Section 179.

Here’s an example showing the incentive of the Section 179 tax deduction:

Estimated Machine Price (EMP)
Section 179 Deduction
Balance to Depreciate (EMP – Section 179 Deduction)

Total First Year Deduction (Section 179)

Assumed Customer Bracket


Estimated # of machine payments covered by savings (on a 5-year lease/loan)






Experience the benefits of investing in OptiPro technology in 2019. Contact OptiPro's sales team for more information on this special financing opportunity.

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