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Online Configurator for Polishing Tools and Centering Bells Polisher Tooling Designer Centering Bell Generator

Toolbox Software

Increase throughput by spending less time getting jobs ready for production with Toolbox online tooling designer. Toolbox is intelligent software that streamlines tooling package designs for high speed spherical polishing and optical centering. Quickly produce custom centering bells or tooling packages for high speed polishing based on the lens definition entered, saving countless engineering hours. Once the tooling has been configured, you can request a quote or download the prints for in-house production. 

Multiple features in Toolbox allows companies to design spherical polishing tool packages and centering bells faster than ever before:

High Speed Polisher Tooling:

  • After inputing simple optic geometry, software automatically designs all required components to process either or both sides of optic
  • Generate polishing pad template for ease in cutting the pad
  • PDF prints and .STEP files can be emailed to you for in-house manufacturing of tooling
  • Optimizes tool length for OptiPro spherical polishing platforms (PRO 80P, PRO 160P, ePX200)
  • History feature to allows you to look up previous jobs and rerun them without having to retype all the optic information. Inputs can also be modified before rerunning the job

Centering Bells:

  • Quickly configure centering bells based on diameter, wall thickness and height
  • Centering bell limits based on capabilities of PRO 160C optical centering machine, but further customization is available upon request
In addition, Toolbox displays Active Warnings for both high speed polishing tools and centering bells if input geometries would cause errors in rules that drive the generation of parts.

Available only to PRO-Tect customers, Toolbox software simplifies the tool design process, making your company more productive and profitable.

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