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  • UltraCURV Precision SpherometerUltraCURV Precision Spherometer
  • UltraCURV Table Top SpherometerUltraCURV Table Top Spherometer
  • UltraCURV Handheld SpherometerUltraCURV Handheld Spherometer
  • UltraCURV SoftwareUltraCURV Software
UltraCURV Precision Spherometer UltraCURV Table Top Spherometer UltraCURV Handheld Spherometer UltraCURV Software


UltraCURV (Computerized Universal Radius Verifier) is a precision spherometer capable of measuring Radius of Curvature (RoC) and sag height of ground or polished planos and spherical optics. UltraCURV can measure flat or steep RoC of workpieces up to 200mm in diameter utilizing a 3-point measurement technique (table top unit) or by utilizing spherometer rings (handheld unit).

Multiple beneficial features help companies achieve fast, easy and precise RoC and sag height measurement:

  • Easy to use: Seamless integration with a netbook computer
  • Setup assistance: Step-by-step procedure to calibrate and measure RoC
  • Fast setup on the shop floor or in the lab
  • Flexibility: Small diameter workpiece adapters for measuring RoC of small lenses
  • Cost-effective: Measure any radius of curvature without an extensive test plate library
  • Available as a handheld unit with several different spherometer ring options

Streamline the task of measuring radius of curvature and sag height by implementing the UltraCURV into your manufacturing operations. UltraCURV includes a base unit, laptop computer with software, protective case, a standard set of accessories, and a complete instruction manual.


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