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Fagor Automation

OptiPro Systems is the place to contact if you are located in NY State (or anywhere on the east coast) and need Fagor Automation products, or service on your existing Fagor products. OptiPro's technicians have the knowledge and capability of handling Fagor CNC, Digital Readouts (DRO's), and the feedback line of products. We supply and service Fagor 8070 CNC, 8055 CNC, and 8035 CNC systems, Fagor 8055i MC (Turnkey Package), Fagor Innova series DRO's, linear measuring systems, and rotary feedback systems.

Fagor Automation has long been OptiPro's choice of CNC, motors, and drives for our optical grinding and polishing machines because we build our machines with only the finest materials to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

CNC Systems CNC Systems
Milling Machines
Other Applications
Feedback Systems
Fagor Measurement Systems
Linear and Angular Encoders
Linear and Rotary Encoders
Open Linear Encoders
DRO Fagor Digital Readouts (DRO)
For Milling Machines and Boring Mills
For Lathes
General Purpose Applications

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