Key reasons to invest in OptiPro equipment

Have you been holding off on investing in new technology? Perhaps you are comfortable with your existing equipment and the thought of learning a new machine seems like a daunting task. As a result, you overlook maintenance costs to keep your old machine running instead of putting that money toward a new machine.

The manufacturing industry is a competitive world - it is crucial to stay ahead of the technological curve in order to stay ahead of your competition. Here are the key reasons invest in the latest OptiPro technology:

When you invest in new machines, you are gaining the advantage of innovative features that you won’t find on older equipment. OptiPro works with industry-leading vendors to integrate the highest quality components into each machine. In addition, every machine is driven by OptiPro’s intelligent software engineered to streamline manufacturing of precision optics and advanced ceramics. Older technology lacking modern features limits a company’s potential profitability. Upgrading to the latest technology from OptiPro allows you to maximize your bottom line. 

A common concern with investing in new machines is the learning curve to become proficient with the software. Fortunately, OptiPro software has a user friendly interface that allows operators to get up-to-speed quickly. Speaking of speed, new machines are faster to setup and process material much more efficiently than outdated equipment. Increase your company’s throughput by going faster with OptiPro technology.

A machine’s downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars a week in losses. Since older equipment requires more maintenance, the question becomes: Can you afford to not invest in new technology? With the highest quality components and robust spindles, OptiPro machines are built to keep running at peak performance, minimizing your overall maintenance costs. Don't wait weeks for parts to arrive or spend money to store expensive parts. The time and money you ultimately save on maintenance will offset the cost of a new machine.
When considering a new machine, basing your decision entirely on price is often a mistake. Instead, think about the overall value that you will be receiving. Of course, a new OptiPro machine will provide more capability, increased efficiency, and lower maintenance costs than an old machine. But when you include OptiPro's exceptional service and support with the PRO-Tect program, investing in the latest technology can help your company take on more jobs with confidence. In addition, you can lower the cost of new equipment by trading in your older OptiPro machine, resulting in an even greater return on investment.

The benefits you receive by utilizing the latest manufacturing equipment significantly outweigh the initial purchasing costs. Knowing when to replace a machine will not only save your company money, it will help you reach new levels of profitability.

Don't delay this important investment any longer. Contact OptiPro today - we would be happy to discuss your options and find the best solution to set your company up for a prosperous future.