PRO Tower Specifications

Working Diameter Range
1-300 mm (0.04"-11.8")
Objective Size
Up to 203.2 mm (8", Custom)
Resolution of Encoder
0.0001 mm (0.000004")
Wavefront Measurement Accuracy
lambda/20 (dependent on objective accuracy)

Z-Axis Stage Travel

6" Zygo Verifier
1,000 mm (39.4")
4" Zygo Verifier
1,250 mm (49.2")

Cross Slide Travel

50.8 mm (2")
50.8 mm (2")

Machine Dimensions

1,700 mm (66.9")
1,600 mm (63")
2,200 mm (86.6")
1,814 kg (4,000 lbs.)

*Specifications subject to change. Contact OptiPro for the latest specifications.

Machine Features

  • Wavefront measurement of spherical and plano optics
  • Available with CGH stage for aspheric measurements
  • Radius of curvature measurement
  • 127 TPI tip tilt stage for fine adjustment of fringes
  • Available with an upward looking 6" or 4" Zygo Verifier
  • Tripod base with three active isolation pads for stability in a production environment
  • Lab grade granite core with precision rails for accurate movement
  • Servo driven Z-axis with variable speed joystick for easy positioning
  • 30 inch high resolution LCD screen with live display of interferograms
  • Ergonomic work station to make changing expensive objectives safe and easy
  • Easy access to interferometer for service to minimize any production losses

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