OptiPro Acquires Glassmaster Fabrications

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Continuous Planetary Polisher

Glassmaster 520

The Glassmaster 520 is a state-of-the-art continuous planetary polisher (CP) that incorporates patented technology to deliver exceptional flatness and finish of flat optical components.

Multiple valuable features on the Glassmaster 520 allow companies fabricating flat optics to maximize throughput and their bottom line:

  • Patented Syncroshaft drive system
  • Glassmaster 520 and its 52 inch table is competitively priced and offers 4 more inches in diameter of the work surface
  • Accepts 12 to 23 inch diameter carrier rings
  • State-of-the-art programmable AC motor controls
  • Robust oil bath drive line
  • Heavy duty zero stress, zero flex polishing table
  • Self cleaning stainless steel recovery tank
  • Smallest machine footprint in the industry
  • Super tough powder coat painted finish
  • Built with industry-standard components
  • Less than one tenth of 1% worldwide down time
  • Easiest and widest range of carrier ring adjustments in the industry
  • 2 year warranty

Whether your application involves glass, ceramic, silicon, crystal, or metal plano optics, the Glassmaster 520's unmatched efficiency and precision will help your company become more productive and profitable.

"The Glassmaster was the first brand new pitch polishing machine purchased by Sydor Optics over 10 years ago. That machine has been running flawlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since the install. We purchased 2 more units 3 years ago and hope to purchase more new machines this year. Glassmaster machines are reliable and produce 1/10 wave and 1/20 wave optics consistently."

- John Escolas, Operations Manager, Sydor Optics