OptiPro U Class Objective

  • OptiPro U LectureOptiPro U Lecture
  • Hands on laboratory experienceHands on laboratory experience
  • CNC advanced optical manufacturingCNC advanced optical manufacturing
  • Asphere metrologyAsphere metrology
OptiPro U Lecture Hands on laboratory experience CNC advanced optical manufacturing Asphere metrology

OptiPro U is a one week study of current processes, machinery, and tools employing the latest CNC technology that is shaping the methodology in manufacturing optical components. The course is designed to be very interactive, providing laboratory experience on the following subjects: CNC grinding, polishing, and metrology of spheres and aspheres. The lectures include all the current technologies and practices utilized in the fabrication of precision plano, spherical, aspherical, and freeform optics.

OptiPro U allows students to learn how to use the latest innovations being developed at OptiPro. Throughout the week, students will receive classroom theory pertaining to deterministic microgrinding of spheres and aspheres, high-speed polishing of spheres, and sub-aperture polishing of aspheres while implementing interferometric, non-contact and contact metrology systems. They will also receive ample hands on experience in putting the classroom theory to practice by using OptiPro's advanced optical manufacturing laboratory. Here they will use the latest PRO 80 Series machines, eSX grinding, ePX high-speed polishing and UltraForm Finishing (UFF) platforms as well as the OptiTrace 5000 profilometer, UltraSurf non-contact profilometer and PRO Tower interferometer.

The advanced manufacturing technologies that the class focuses on are as follows:

Deterministic Microgrinding (DMG)
  • Spherical generation
  • Aspheric generation
  • Tooling, coolant, feeds, speeds
CNC Polishing
  • High-speed polishing of spherical optics
  • Sub-aperture polishing of spheres, aspheres, and freeform optics
  • Tooling, slurries, belts, motions
  • Hand tools
  • Spherometers
  • Test plates
  • Interferometry
  • Contact Profilometry
  • Surface roughness measurements