2017 Technology Open House and Steakout

2017 Technology Open House and Steakout: September 20 and 21

Please join us for our annual Open House and Steakout on September 20th and 21st, 2017. This is your chance to visit the largest Advanced Manufacturing Expo in Western New York. See all the latest tools and technologies that can take your manufacturing business to the next level. Steak lunch & dinner will be served on Wednesday, 9/20. Steak lunch will be served on Thursday, 9/21.


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See the latest machine tools and manufacturing solutions in action: 

Nakamura-Tome Multi Tasking Machines
AS200L Turning Center
NTMX Multi-Tasking Machine
  Fanuc VMC's and Wire EDM
D21SiB5-24K Shortbed RoboDrill
D21LiB5-10K Longbed RoboDrill
C400iB RoboCut Wire EDM
  Feeler Machining Centers
FTC200L Turning Center
VB-1100 Vertical Machining Center
U600 5 Axis Machine
KIWA Horizontal Machining Centers
K4100 Horizontal Machining Center
Mastercam 2018
  On-floor demos of:
Flow Waterjets
Mach 2 Waterjet
Swistek Machinery America
RB20Y Hybrid Swiss Machine
RB42Y Hybrid Swiss Machine
ZEISS Metrology Solutions
O-Inspect Multisensor Measuring Machine
O-Select Digital Measuring Projector
  VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator

VGDOC-30H-10/20/50X Digital Optical Comparator


  Babin Machine Tool
TML-5Cem Toolroom Lathe

Talk to Vendors serving the metalworking industry

Cutler Industrial Sales
  Fanuc VMC's and Wire EDM
  Iscar Tooling
Koma Precision
MD Tooling
NE Manufacturing News
 Sandvik Coromant

attend short courses on Solutions to Current Manufacturing Challenges

(schedule below applies to both Wednesday, 9/20 and Thursday, 9/21)

Mastercam Short Courses - located in upstairs meeting room unless stated otherwise

10:15am to 10:45am
In case you missed it: Mastercam 2018 Rollout Highlights

Highlights to be discussed:
• Design Improvements
• New Mill 2D/3D Milling Features
• Streamlined Workflow

Instructor: Vince Cannarozzo, OptiPro Systems
10:50am to 11:20am
How to Set-up Dynamic Mill 2D / 3D

Learn how to create Dynamic toolpaths for Dynamic 2D and 3D machining

2D - Multiple machining strategies with one toolpath

3D Dynamic Rough
• Step-up's for roughing strategies
• Machining geometry
• Avoidance geometry

Instructor: Lou Casartelli, OptiPro Systems
11:25am to 11:55am

Mastercam's Solid Model Prep

Learn how to manipulate & optimize Solid models with Solid Model enhancements such as multiple Undo/Redo and Solid Sweep, which has more options and controls than ever.

• Changing features
• How to edit colors
• Modify features

Instructor: Lou Casartelli, OptiPro Systems

1:15pm to 1:35pm

Sandvik Prime Turning: Increase Your Turning Efficiency Using Mastercam (located in Machine Tool Showroom)

A new suite of Mastercam turning strategies will support Sandvik Coromant CoroTurn® Prime inserts and their new turning concept, the PrimeTurning™ method. This ground-breaking concept allows you to turn in all directions resulting in high productivity gains while increasing tool life.

Instructor: Mark Lawrence, Sandvik Coromant

4:10pm to 4:20pm

MASTERCAM Productivity+ for Renishaw Probing™ (located in Machine Tool Showroom)

Are you utilizing the probe that came with your Renishaw-Equipped CNC Machining Center for automation of QC processes on your machine?
MASTERCAM Productivity+ is an add-on product for MASTERCAM that allows you to create automated QC tasks such as:

• Exact location of workpiece, to correct for translational AND rotational deviation
• Automatic Compensation adjustments for tool wear
• Output inspection data from machine for reporting
• MASTERCAM Productivity+ will save you both time and money.

Instructors: Vince Cannarozzo and Sam Garafolo

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Manufacturing Short Courses - located in machine tool showroom unless stated otherwise

1:15pm to 1:45pm
Milling Strategies to Increase Profitability (located in Upstairs Meeting Room)

This seminar features application samples and case studies that showcase what is possible with today’s advanced equipment and techniques. We will discuss the machines, tools holders, software and programming techniques that play a critical role in successful advanced machining. We will also address the challenges presented by the knowledge gap and discuss what can be done to close it.

Dale Mickelson, Specialist - Die/Mold + Hard Milling, Methods Machine Tools Inc.
1:50pm to 2:20pm
Recent Fanuc Technology Advancements in the 0i and 31i CNC Controls

Wil Bowe
2:25pm to 2:55pm
Simple Approach to Twin Spindle Technology

Thinking about a Twin Spindle machine? This Seminar will discuss a simple way to succeed with this technology and show the benefits of a Mill/Turn Platform. We will demonstrate the advantages in Cycle Times, setup’s and increase production with actual examples, including video and cost analysts in ROI.

Rich Parenteau, Methods Machine Tools Inc.
3:00pm to 3:30pm
FANUC Robocut New Technologies: Keeping EDM On the Cutting Edge

Core Stitch Function – Standard
New techniques in slug management – extending unmanned machining time

Intelligent power supplies that adapt to feedback from the discharge, in real time – Standard
• Effective discharges, partial discharges, and shorts handled differently so that the maximum number of discharges per unit time is achieved.
New Pulse modes to improve straightness on thick material – Standard
• Pulse Mode 20 and Pulse Mode 23
Thermal Compensation that uses machine learning – Standard
• o Accuracy improves over time
3D Coordinate System Rotation – Standard
• Reduces Setup Time, maintains accuracy
Invertor Chiller unit = Temperature control of plus minus 0.1 degree – Standard
• Rigidly controls the work piece and work table temperature
Machine and part Monitoring – Standard
• Part History Data is available

Speaker: Jon Dobosenski
3:35pm to 4:05pm
Return on Investment: Horizontals vs. Verticals

This seminar will provide financial justification to facilitate your company’s evolution toward improved Manufacturing efficiency. The effects of pallet changer technology on machine utilization will be reviewed in detail, complete with the financial justification of the investment. Other benefits will include part processing capabilities, chip management, and floor space savings.

Speaker: Bernie Otto, KIWA Product Manager, Methods Machine Tools Inc.

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Watch highlights from the 2016 Technology Open House and Steakout


Over 400 people attended the two-day event on October 19th and 20th, 2016 to see the latest manufacturing solutions in our state-of-the-art Machine Tool Showroom.

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