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Stay Organized with Mastercam's New Tool Manager

Abstract: Mastercam's new Tool Manager has been designed from the ground up as a flexible and efficient way to manage tools and tool holding components and to create tool assemblies that can be used in Mastercam. In addition to the tooling component support, Tool Manager also integrates work material and cut parameter data so that you can take advantage of a manufacturer's cutting recommendations. You can also create your own cut parameter data and store it in the database.

This 20 minute webinar will discuss the power and flexibility of Mastercam's new Tool Manager. During the webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Take tools from manufacturers such as Iscar and Sandvik and put them into your tool library
  • Build tools, holders and assemblies
  • Calculate feeds and speeds based on the tool and material

Simplify Complex Machines with Mastercam Mill-Turn

Abstract: Mastercam Mill-Turn makes machining on today's high-powered turning centers and full-function machining centers simpler and easier than ever before. Machines that eliminate multiple setups, manual part handling, redundant fixturing, and reduce idle time boost production and maximize profitability.

This webinar will discuss the features and benefits of Mastercam Mill-Turn that allow you to streamline programming on these complex machines. With Mastercam Mill Turn, you will be able to:

  • Complete jobs in the fewest steps and shortest time possible
  • Get the most out of your mill-turn machines by utilizing all of its capabilities
  • Meet or beat your production deadlines

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