Mastercam Software is Number One for a Reason...

Mastercam® is the world's most widely-used CAM software as shown by a recent analysis of CAM software seats produced by CIMdata, Inc. That analysis clearly indicated that CNC Software's Mastercam® has more than twice the installed base of the closest competitor. Read the testimonials below regarding Mastercam and it is easy to understand why more companies implement Mastercam into their manufacturing processes than any other CAM software. Simply put, Mastercam helps companies become more efficient...and profitable.

Accede Mold Testimonial

"Dynamic Milling allowed me to take a job that originally had 6 insert cutters in the program and perform it with only two cutters in half the time. The speed in which we're cutting and the amount of material being removed in a short period of time is very beneficial."

- Rob Fackelman, CNC Programmer at Accede Mold and Tool

Sycamore Hill Designs Testimonial

"One of the primary reasons we decided to go with Mastercam was that the software seemed to be incredibly intuitive. I was able to pick up how to use this very complex piece of software in a relatively short amount of time."

- Frank Vallone, President at Sycamore Hill Designs

Polyshot Testimonial

"When we loaded up the software and saw Dynamic Milling for the first time, the speed of it was shocking. We're moving steel through the machine three times faster than we did previously."

- Doug Hepler, President at Polyshot Corporation

Harbec Testimonial

"Mastercam is very trustworthy in terms of meeting our expectations when producing top quality products. The user-friendliness allows us to excel at producing tools within the desired timeframes."

- Peter Knapp, Mold Maker at Harbec, Inc.

"We've seen a dramatic increase in productivity because of all the different options that comes with Mill Level 3. For example, we had been running one job for a big customer of ours using Mill Level 1. After purchasing Mill Level 3, we rewrote the program and because of all the enhancements that come with the upgrade, we were able to save 50 hours on the same job. Based on this time savings alone, the software has already paid for itself."

- Yvette Pagano, President of CAR Engineering and Manufacturing

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"Unlike previous software, Mastercam allows us to put the software on the plant floor. Our machine operators are now able to write their own programs in Mastercam, rather than directly on the machine control panel. Having Mastercam available on the plant floor has doubled our efficiency."

- Jim Fortin, CAD/CAM Manufacturing Engineer at Keller Technology Corporation

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"I'm finding the more I work in Mastercam, there's nothing I can't do. I can control almost anything because of its versatility...We have the capability to do difficult jobs now because of Mastercam."

- Ken Dobson, CNC Programmer at Rochester Colonial

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"I don't think it would be a stretch to say that we've increased productivity by 30%. It could be even more than that with some of the involved fixtures that we are now able to manufacture in optimal times because of Mastercam."

- Bruce Hackett, CNC Programmer at PRZ Technologies

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Bausch and Lomb Testimonial

"We used to have a different software but we stopped maintenance and everything on that software after one year of Mastercam. The local support has been huge."

- John Demarco, Toolmaker at Bausch and Lomb

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