Tech Tip: Polish Out the "Gray" Faster with CNC High Speed Polishing

PRO 80P and ePX 200 High Speed Spherical Polishers
PRO 80P and ePX 200 High Speed Spherical Polishers

Precision optics manufacturers still utilizing conventional polishing methods: Increase efficiency on the manufacturing floor with CNC high speed polishing and watch productivity soar.

Conventional polishing requires an intuitive feel that often depends on skilled opticians for a dependable process. Even for experienced opticians, conventional polishing to the desired figure can be an iterative process and can require multiple runs before the optic meets specification.

The advantages of CNC high speed polishing machines like the PRO 80P and ePX 200 are unquestionable and the results are instantly noticeable.

Conventional Polishing
CNC High Speed Polishing
Multiple spindles, multiple tools for each production job
Number of Spindles, Tooling
One spindle, one custom tool set per surface
Significantly more, typically 4X longer compared to CNC polishing
Polishing Time to Remove Gray
Significantly less than conventional polishing
Low repeatability - grooves in pitch close up over time and must be recut frequently which affects part-to-part consistency
High repeatability - run parts consecutively without ever changing tools and get consistent results
Skilled operator for duration of job
Skill Level of Operator
Moderately skilled operator for set up, lower level technician for production run
Slow production rate
Production Rate
Very high production rate
Large footprint to match production - more spindles, more floorspace consumed
Footprint Size
Small footprint - lower facility costs and requirements

OptiPro's polishing software, P Series, is the brain that allows the PRO 80P and ePX 200 to be so powerful. The P Series uses mathematical calculations to make setup easier and faster to achieve desired radius of curvature. In addition, the P Series helps the operator meet the irregularity specification easier through a set of guided software handles.

Even if your print says "Pitch Polishing Only", get the gray out faster with the PRO 80P or ePX 200, then put the finishing touches on your precision optics with a conventional polishing machine.

JML Optical is one of many OptiPro customers that has seen the benefits of implementing the ePX into their manufacturing operations. Read the JML Optical Case Study to see how the company was able to meet or exceed their customer needs by utilizing the ePX 200.

Adding the PRO 80P or ePX 200 CNC High Speed Polishers to your manufacturing capabilities can reduce operating costs and cycle times, yielding increased throughput and higher profitability.

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