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OptiPro specializes in building computer controlled grinding and polishing machines for manufacturing precision optics. In addition, OptiPro designs and produces several unique metrology instruments for measuring spherical, aspheric and freeform optical components. Read the testimonials below regarding OptiPro's machines, service, and support and you'll see that OptiPro has the optical fabrication equipment to meet your needs.

Kreischer Optics Video Testimonial

OptiPro Machines Help Kreischer Optics Maximize Asphere Production

Dan Charland of Kreischer Optics, a leading provider of advanced custom optical components, discusses how OptiPro helps his company with their asphere manufacturing capability.

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Optimax Video Testimonial

OptiPro Delivers Quality, Dependability, and Service for Optimax Systems

Joe Serio of Optimax Systems, America’s largest optics prototype manufacturer, shares how OptiPro is different from any other machine builder in the world. He illustrates OptiPro's quality and dependability by noting that Optimax continues to make precision optics on OptiPro machines that are almost 20 years old.

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Meller Optics Video Testimonial

As OptiPro Machines Continuously Improve, Meller Optics Keeps Coming Back

Ted Turnquist of Meller Optics, a provider of high precision optics  for industry and defense, discusses the company's long history working with OptiPro and why OptiPro continues to exceed his expectations. From Meller's first machine purchase back in the early 1990's to their recent collaboration with OptiPro on a Navy project, Ted emphasizes OptiPro's responsiveness and technological advancements as some of the reasons why his company keeps coming back.

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Esco Optics Testimonial

Esco Optics Rises From the Ashes

To ensure that their manufacturing capabilities and capacities are as impressive as ever, Esco Optics worked with OptiPro to implement the latest CNC optical grinding, polishing, and metrology solutions.


Janos Technology Testimonial

Janos Technology's "Work Horse" - The eSX 125 Twin Optical Grinding Machine

In 2003, Janos Technology purchased the eSX 125 Twin to grind IR materials such as silicon, germanium, and chalcogenide. 10 years later, the machine still performs as good as the day it was first installed.


JML Optical Testimonial

JML Optical Enhances Capabilities with eSX 150 Optical Grinder and ePX 200 High Speed Polisher

JML Optical purchased the eSX 150 CNC optical grinder and ePX 200 CNC high speed polisher and as a result, the company is polishing larger diameter spherical optics, greatly reducing cycle times and significantly improving the surface finish of optical components.


"The Glassmaster 520 was the first brand new pitch polishing machine purchased by Sydor Optics over 10 years ago. That machine has been running flawlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since the install. We purchased 2 more units 3 years ago and hope to purchase more new machines this year. Glassmaster machines are reliable and produce 1/10 wave and 1/20 wave optics consistently."

- John Escolas , Operations Manager, Sydor Optics

"The precision of the PRO Tower has enhanced our optical metrology capabilities. Its rigid structure and active dampening system provides a very stable metrology platform, even in a busy shop floor environment. We especially appreciate the automatic radius location feature which saves time when testing multiple parts."

- Kirk Warden, Executive Vice President, LaCroix Optical Co.

"OptiPro is a phenomenal organization that is continuing to grow and gain respect throughout the industry. In addition, OptiPro U is an extremely helpful asset that OptiPro offers to its customers."

- Ted Kamprath, Operations Manager, Next Phase Optics

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"With the purchase of several OptiPro machines, Kreischer Optics has been able to produce precision aspheres at a lower price and faster delivery than our competitors."

- Cody Kreischer, President, Kreischer Optics

"Meller Optics has been a loyal customer of OptiPro Systems from the early days, when we purchased their first 5-Axis machine. We have since bought two more OptiPro machines, including the eSX 150. The flexibility of the eSX 150 increases our machining capabilities, and their technical support and service has always been exceptional. Best of all, they are located in the USA."

- Ted Turnquist, General Manager, Meller Optics Inc.

"To meet our customers growing requirements, we count on the flexibility, accuracy, and speed of our eSX 150 generators and OptiPro's excellent customer service."

- Terry Vineham, Vice President, BMV Optical Technologies

"For sixteen years OptiPro's service department has far exceeded our expectations both in the expediency of their response, but also in their level of concern and dedication to minimize any downtime. We have remained competitively productive because we are affiliated with OptiPro, a company committed to their clients."

- Steve Napoletan, Eng. Technician, II-VI Incorporated

"OptiPro's team are honest, consummate professionals. They set the bar."

- Larry Ton, Research Engineer, Saint-Gobain High Performance Materials

"We always get great support that is fast and friendly."

- Edward Oslosky, Penn State Electro-Optics Center

"OptiPro's service is always superior, it could not be better."

- Roland Christen, President, Astro-Physics Inc.

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