5-Axis lens Grinding machine: 5-300 mm Optics

eSX 300

The eSX 300 lens grinding machine is an enhanced version of the eSX 150 platform. It features more capable tool and work spindles for companies looking to manufacture precision optics up to 300mm in diameter. Five axes (X, Y, Z, B & C) of simultaneous movement driven by the advanced Fagor 8070 CNC with user-friendly G Series make it perfect for grinding a variety of optical components, including spheres, aspheres, cylinders, freeforms, and more.

Multiple features and capabilities on the eSX 300 help optical manufacturers achieve optimal results in terms of grinding efficiency, repeatability and surface quality after grinding:

  • Better grinding: Stiff, heavy meehanite machine base to provide vibration dampening + spindle construction with high quality ceramic bearings
  • Extensive part diameter range: Large work envelope with generous axes travels
  • Faster set ups: Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface for precision optics with step-by-step process driven software (G Series)
  • Full 5-axis machining standard: Capable of CAM driven manufacturing of off-axis, non-rotationally symmetric parts as well as coring operations
  • High accuracy tool and work spindles: HSK 63 quick-change holders for less chatter
  • Process consistency: Liquid cooled spindles
  • Better process control: Direct drive spindles
  • More cutting power: Integral high torque spindle motor
  • Tooling flexibility: Accommodates a wide variety of tools, including ball tools
  • Energy efficient: Servos turn off automatically
  • Additional features available: Automatic tool and work piece probes, twin spindles, automatic tool changers, mist removal, and more

Maximize throughput of precision optical components by implementing the capability of the eSX 300 into your manufacturing operations.


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