Large Asphere & Freeform polishing platform: 10-500mm optics

UFF 500

UFF 500 is a large, 5-Axis CNC bridge style sub-aperture polishing platform ideal for a variety of optics up to 500mm in diameter, including aspheres, aspheric cylinders, and freeforms. The unique axes configuration provides an accurate and versatile platform for deterministically finishing brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, and hardened steels. The straight forward user interface and probing routines provide a tool that opticians and CNC machinists alike can use to polish spherical, aspheric, and freeform optical surfaces with reduced setup times. The powerful CNC control can accept freeform surface files from OptiPro's PROSurf freeform CAM software for a full 5-axis polishing process. UFF 500 provides a robust, deterministic process essential for the finishing of quality optical surfaces in large workpieces such as windows, domes and mirrors. The large bridge style machine entails 3 linear (X, Y, Z) and 2 rotary (B, C) axes. It can have X and Y travels up to 3m by 3m and custom rotary axes configurations for specific process requirements.

UltraForm® Finishing (UFF™) is OptiPro's patented 5-axis sub-aperture polishing system that polishes ground surfaces to finished specifications using a deterministic algorithm. UFF involves a moving belt of polishing material wrapped around a precision compressive wheel delivering 1/2 wave p-v or better surface form error. OptiPro's UFF now incorporates over 30 types of precision belts utilizing classic polyurethane to uniquely formulated materials. This variety of fixed and loose abrasive combinations makes UFF the best solution for polishing a wide variety of optical glasses and ceramics and stainless steel lens mold inserts.

Precision Finishing

  • Deterministic finishing of spheres, aspheres, and freeforms
  • Figure error correction using feedback from an interferometer or profilometer down to 1/8 wave

Save Time

  • Finish aspheres in a fraction of the time with high removal rates and precision
  • Polish directly after grind...No need to pre-polish!
  • On-board metrology for faster setups

Make Money

  • Predictable low cost consumables
  • Deterministic CNC polishing means consistent and reliable cycle times
  • Multiple belt and slurry combinations allow UFF to polish glass, crystal, ceramic and metal aspheric and freeform optics

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