Shopfloor Accessories

OptiPro provides cost-effective accessories to maximize efficiency for job setups, during the manufacturing process, and for part inspection. Whether you are looking for a solution to quickly and precisely block work pieces, apply bevels to optics, measure radius of curvature or perform surface and wavefront testing, you can achieve exceptional throughput and quality of precision optics with a shopfloor accessory from OptiPro.

UltraBloc Precision Blocking Station

Precision Blocking Station

UltraBloc is an ergonomic tabletop blocking station which will dramatically reduce setup times when precision blocking is necessary for optics manufacturing. UltraBloc allows you to efficiently and precisely align your optic and blocking body when using an adhesive.

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Bevel Pro Beveling Machine

Efficient Beveling Machine

Bevel Pro is a safe, efficient and precise solution for applying bevels to optics. Bevel Pro allows operators to quickly and easily produce protective bevels as well as precise bevels on a variety of optical components.

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UltraCURV Ultra Accurate Spherometer

Ultra Accurate Spherometer

UltraCURV (Computerized Universal Radius Verifier) is an ultra accurate spherometer which includes a base unit, netbook computer with software, protective case, 3 sets of (3) moveable contacts with 6mm diameter balls (carbide/ruby), 3 small optic measuring rings and a complete instruction manual.

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4 and 6 inch transmission spheres

4" and 6" Transmission Spheres

Get the most out of your Fizeau interferometer with OptiPro’s new 4” and 6” transmission spheres, transmission flats, convergers, and divergers. Whether you need to perform surface and wavefront testing of planos or convex/concave spheres, our transmission spheres deliver accurate measurements for optics toleranced at λ/10 or λ/20.

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