Precision Blocking Station


UltraBloc is an ergonomic tabletop blocking station for achieving fast setup times when precision blocking is necessary for optics manufacturing. Typical grinding and sub-aperture polishing of precision optics require the work piece to be held with vacuum or an adhesive onto a metal or plastic blocking body. The adhesive may be a wax, pitch, epoxy, or UV cement. UltraBloc allows you to efficiently and precisely align your optic and blocking body when using an adhesive.

Features and benefits of the UltraBloc include:

  • 0 to 300 rpm motorized precision bearing spindle, which can be activated via a foot switch or with a manual switch for continuous rotation
  • Blocking bodies held with a precision hydraulic expansion chuck (with optional collets) or a v-block assembly to accommodate various diameter sizes
  • Operator has the option of vacuum assist through the center of the spindle, which is extremely helpful for small diameter optics
  • Horizontally mounted calipers and/or dial indicators assist in precise and repeatable alignment of lenses
  • Electronics and spindle assembly are totally enclosed
  • Actively air-cooled to dissipate heat from pitch or wax blocking more efficiently - using a torch or heat gun will not damage this robust unit
  • Easy to clean
  • Can also be utilized as a manual beveling station using diamond pads

Achieve faster job setups and increased throughput by implementing the UltraBloc into your optical manufacturing lab.