Prototype-to-Production of Aspheres, Spheres, and Domes

TRIUMPH Versatile Polishing

The TRIUMPH platform performs prototype to high volume production polishing of aspheres, spheres, and domes. TRIUMPH incorporates three precision optical polishing solutions in one Universal Multi Polishing Head:

  • CNC High Speed Polishing for high volume production of spherical and plano precision optics.
  • UltraForm® Finishing (UFF), OptiPro's patented sub-aperture polishing system that polishes ground surfaces to finished specifications using a deterministic algorithm.
  • UltraSmooth Finishing (USF), an innovative mid-to-large aperture finishing process that minimizes mid-spatial frequencies to meet stringent slope specifications.

The TRIUMPH allows companies to quickly change the configuration of the machine from a spherical polishing setup to asphere polishing and vice versa in minutes. TRIUMPH is perfect for companies looking for versatile polishing capability while saving floor space.

Capabilities and Benefits of TRIUMPH's High Speed Polishing
  • High volume production of spherical and plano optics as well as hemispherical domes up to 200mm in diameter
  • High speed polishing achieves low irregularity and high surface quality of precision optics in optimal cycle times
  • Polish a wide variety of optical materials
Capabilities and Benefits of TRIUMPH's UFF
  • Finish aspheres in a fraction of the time with high removal rates and precision
  • Deterministic UFF process accomplishes 1/2 wave p-v or better surface form error of aspheres
  • Multiple belt and slurry combinations allow UFF to polish glass, crystal, ceramic and metal aspheric optics
Capabilities and Benefits of TRIUMPH's USF
  • Versatile polishing tool that can conform to aspheres and freeform optical surfaces
  • Minimizes mid-spatial frequencies to meet stringent slope specifications.
  • USF's compliant layer is available in a variety of durometers giving the operator freedom to configure the tool for different optical materials, including glasses, ceramics and crystals



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